Saturday, 19 February 2011

I hate fish

I hate fish. So you can probably understand my frustration when I accidentally went to my local fishmongers, bought all his fish, took it home, cooked it, and ate all of it, especially when what I had actually meant to do was to go to the cinema.

And if the taste of fish isn’t bad enough itself, people insist on cooking it in jam, which I did. I don’t know who it was who decided that fish and jam would make a good combination. If anything, the opposite is true.

Also - apparently accidentally buying, cooking and eating a load of fish, is not considered an emergency. No one tells you that do they? They don’t say, “if you ever get in situation where you accidentally go to your local fishmongers, buy all his fish, take it home, cook it, and eat it, whatever you do, don’t call 999, cause it’s a waste of their time.” So how was I supposed to know.

Today's recipe bellow:


1. Go to
2. Find number for local Domino’s
3. Ring and order a pizza

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