Monday, 4 October 2010


I'm no stranger to cutting edge technology. I'd be lost without my betamax player, and my Sony WalkMan. I'm pretty handy when it comes to fixing stuff also, only last week I changed the plug on my Tea's Made - a new alarm clock that pours scoulding water on you every morning - it sure wakes me up.

You can imagine my delight when a man in my local Post Office offered to sell me his Nokia 1610, and for paltry a £850. I happily cleared out my life's savings and gave him the money, knowing I was practically stealing it off him. I've written a little review of it.

Phones don't come much sleeker than Nokia's new offering, the 1610. Available exclusively in black, this little beauty has twenty-three buttons, seventeen of which are fully operational. Battery life is exceptional, you can chat for up to twelve minutes between recharging. Although fashion victims will be wowed by it's style, it has many functions, listed below:

- Makes telephone calls

- Can be used to tell the time

Disadvantages, damage to '0' and '1' keys means most telephone numbers are not accessiblE.

If you need to contact me on this phone, call me on 0424 994 444. You'll get a message about not being in service, which according to the man who sold it to me is 'Voice Mail', where you can leave me a message.

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